Posted in March 2012

To Buy or Not To Buy

It’s said that people who spend their money on experiences rather than things are happiest, and that makes sense to me, for the most part.¬†Excessive materialism isn’t as big a problem in our household as in some, mainly because we’re the type of people who’d much rather have a little more free time than make … Continue reading

Gyoza and Me, Together Again

Oh, man, I have loved gyoza (aka potstickers) since my days living in Japan, when I fell into the habit of picking up a frozen pack of those little pillows of aromatic, porky deliciousness at the corner convenience store on the way home from my English-teaching job at night. I’d go home to my tiny … Continue reading

Happy To Be Stuck With You

Today we spent an enjoyable afternoon at the 60th wedding anniversary party of a good friend’s parents. It occurred to me that the happy couple have been married ten times longer than we have. Obviously, congratulations are in order at that point. Also, the cake was moist and delicious. Long marriages like that are becoming … Continue reading

When In Doubt, Make Soup

Makin’ another pot of soup, as is evident by the bloodshot, teary eyes I’m sporting above. Stupid onions get me every time, but I still love throwing them in a pot with some garlic and olive oil and then making things up as I go along. Especially on a day like today, which feels more … Continue reading

Home Needs Improvement

My husband and I believe ourselves to be hopeless idiots when it comes to anything handy, mechanical, or construction-related. I asked him if I could say this in my blog and he said it was OK, so it must be true. I would like to enter into evidence our early-80s ceiling fan hanging from (the … Continue reading

Japonica Makes More Sinensis

While I’m on the subject of camellias, which I proclaimed in my last post to be one of my favorite flowers, I feel the need to clarify. The ones outside my window (see previous post) are actually Camellia sinensis, which has a ruffly, free-formish bloom. The ones I truly love–Camellia japonica–seem to be rare here … Continue reading

Equinox–Bring It!

You know Spring is here when you peer into the grayness through your winter-clouded window and get this jubilant look back from your camellias, as if they’ve been waiting for you to get up to tell you, “Hey lady, get out here–it’s Spring! No, really!” Camellias, one of my favorite flowers, always get fooled by … Continue reading

Lipstick-On-a-Pig Pizza Night

Yesterday wasn’t a banner day on the healthy eating front. Too much was consumed, too little burned off…but it was lovely, kickback Sunday, and man, the doctored-up frozen pizzas we made for dinner were worthy of the excessive consumption. I highly recommend this method of pizza enjoyment! We took cheap frozen pies (cheese for me, … Continue reading

On Being Yo’ Self

“Everybody’s gotta live Everybody’s gotta die Everybody’s got a right To feel good inside Everybody’s got a high Everybody’s got a low Everybody got to be yo’ self No matter where you go.” That’s Mr. Keb’ Mo’ pictured above with some of my best childhood friends, The Muppets. (One of life’s contradictions: being raised in … Continue reading