So sue me, I’m part hippie.

This is not my normal state of dress. We were at a big, drunken party with 3 bands and an open bar. The hat is vintage ’70s and got me a lot of attention. I don’t dress like a groovy chick very often, but I think I have to own up to being one inside. Hence my recent foray into responsible eating and getting my shit together….man. I think among our crowd I’m a little bit of a weirdo in that I seem to make earnest attempts at stuff that everybody else is able to easily shrug off. Like going vegetarian or eating healthy for reasons other than wearing smaller pants. Why the hell would I want to make all that effort when meat tastes so good? And it does.

Here’s what I’ve had to eat today:

Breakfast: coffee with sugar and soy creamer, avocado and light cream cheese on whole wheat toast.

Mid-morning snack: Reese’s dark, because it was in the cupboard calling to me.

Lunch: Salad and a Morningstar spicy black bean patty with some pepper jack on top.

Snack: 2 squares off a bar of very dark fair-trade organic chocolate because I was starving on the way home from S&S Produce, followed by a slice of smoked Gouda at home.

Dinner: brown rice and vegetable stir-fry.

(FYI, I’m also taking a vitamin that lists 100% of the RDA for vitamin B12, since I’m told I do NOT want to become deficient in this and it is only available in animal products.)

So…a bit much in the cheese and chocolate department, but otherwise not too shabby.

DISCLAIMER: I’m pretty sure that when all else fails, blog-topic-wise, I’m just going to list what I ate, or list some other thing. It’s easy, and I’m trying to get a habit going here more than anything else. Have patience and maybe I’ll write a decent blog in the future sometime. 🙂

DISCLAIMER #2: I like to use the smiley face emoticon.

One thought on “So sue me, I’m part hippie.

  1. You look plenty cool enough in the hat. The presence of my friend in the background wearing a Wallystock t-shirt, shorts and black socks just adds to it.

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