I Never Knew I Needed That: The Pinterest Effect

I had a whirlwind romance with Pinterest recently, but lately I’ve slacked off, not pinning much and just paying the site a visit once in a while when I can’t stand to listen to another piece of medical dictation during my workday. I can’t decide if Pinterest is an inspiring gathering of fabulous ideas and imagery or just a time-wasting vortex of I Want That, but I’m leaning toward the latter.

It’s easy to spend a lot of time wanting stuff in your life and feeling like you’re actually moving toward getting it because you’re hunting down pictures of it online. I’d rather move toward things I want here in the physical realm. More accurately, I guess I’d rather want less, period.

One way to want less is to cut out the window shopping, via Pinterest or wherever. If you don’t see that awesome pair of high-heeled boots in the first place, well, problem solved! Another thing I’ve done recently is ask myself whether something I want will really make a positive difference in my life. The boots? Probably not. I hate high heels anyway. They hurt and hobble a gal. I’ll spend a couple hundred bucks on them and wear them like 4 times a year, and look badass but be uncomfortable every time. On the other hand, those awesome industrial wire shelves I bought for the kitchen have made a huge difference! Probably gonna get some more of those.

The boots were probably inspired by doing things like perusing Pinterest (not to mention noticing that approximately 97.5% of all women seemed to have sprung for some boots this past season; never mind that some of them looked ridiculous). The wire shelves, on the other hand, were inspired by an urgent need for attractive, affordable clutter reduction in my kitchen/dining area. I went out and hunted them down proactively, in real life, instead of happening upon them aimlessly and proclaiming them the greatest thing I never knew I needed.

Now I need a new kitchen table. I’ll bet if I get on Pinterest I can find about a million of ’em that crafty people made out of pallets….


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