Lipstick-On-a-Pig Pizza Night

Yesterday wasn’t a banner day on the healthy eating front. Too much was consumed, too little burned off…but it was lovely, kickback Sunday, and man, the doctored-up frozen pizzas we made for dinner were worthy of the excessive consumption. I highly recommend this method of pizza enjoyment! We took cheap frozen pies (cheese for me, pepperoni for my hubby) and added our own veggies, extra cheese, glops of pesto, etc., to our taste buds’ content.

Then there were the brownies. I had been craving some decadent baked goods for the longest time, and finally gave in and made some brownies last night to enjoy after a couple of slices of quality-enhanced pizza. Now that my brownie craving is satisfied, though, I want those damned things out of here, so if you know where I live, feel free to stop by and grab one, or two, or all of ’em.


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