Japonica Makes More Sinensis

While I’m on the subject of camellias, which I proclaimed in my last post to be one of my favorite flowers, I feel the need to clarify.

The ones outside my window (see previous post) are actually Camellia sinensis, which has a ruffly, free-formish bloom.

The ones I truly love–Camellia japonica–seem to be rare here in my town, but in Chico, California, they’re all over the place. Walking to and from class in my Chico State days is how I came to fall in love with these in the first place–the pale pink ones in particular, like these:

I love the symmetry of these beautiful blooms. I love their pale-yet-rich pink against the background of those lustrous green leaves. Their mathematical arrangement makes Bach play in my head. I feel like if I had noticed these flowers early in life I would have a higher IQ. The red sinensis out my window, while lively and cheerful, just doesn’t hold the same depth and mystery.

I think I need to go take a stroll through the old town part of Chico.

One thought on “Japonica Makes More Sinensis

  1. I’ve got a really pretty camellia, a deep pink one. I like them too.They can grow massive here, just amazing.

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