Gyoza and Me, Together Again

Oh, man, I have loved gyoza (aka potstickers) since my days living in Japan, when I fell into the habit of picking up a frozen pack of those little pillows of aromatic, porky deliciousness at the corner convenience store on the way home from my English-teaching job at night. I’d go home to my tiny apartment, steam up a bunch of those little darlings, and sit down at my little kotatsu table to savor them while watching a sexy Japanese drama, the plot of which I didn’t really understand, but the hero of which was an impossibly hot young pop star I have thought of fondly since then, but not as often as I’ve thought of gyoza.

When I returned stateside, my gyoza habit went dormant, but my love of the Asian dumpling did not disappear. I’d have some once in a while, but the magic wasn’t there. Now that I have found Trader Joe’s Thai Vegetable Gyoza, though, I think I’m about to resume our affair with renewed passion.

I was out of the sesame ginger salad dressing I’ve used before as a dipping sauce, so I whisked together a dipping sauce of about 1/2 tablespoon of peanut butter, around a tablespoon of soy sauce, a scant teaspoon of chili garlic sauce, a sprinkle of ground ginger, a squeeze of fresh lime juice, a little more than a teaspoon of honey, and a dribble of water to thin it out a little. It…was…perfect!

These little babies are delicious, even sans pork. Thank you, Trader Joe’s, for bringing my old love and me back together. Now you can start work on Trader Joe’s Instant Hot Japanese Pop Star….

2 thoughts on “Gyoza and Me, Together Again

  1. I love gyoza! They sell those beautiful little bits of yummyness at the student dining center at UH. Made fresh daily……now I’m hungry!

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