Eat and Let Eat

The link below from Positively Positive resonated for me this morning. Check it out, especially if you’re experimenting with different food choices.

One thought on “Eat and Let Eat

  1. I wrote this comment in a conversation about the above post on my blog’s Facebook page and thought I should include it here:

    It is true. You can’t drive people nuts. I agree with the live-and-let-live approach to a certain extent, but I also think why do something you believe in if you’re not going to promote it a little? On one hand I think, yeah, I should just shut up and do what I do, but on the other hand, if somebody asks me or gets all confrontational or defensive about it (as I’ve seen meat-eaters do when they find out someone’s a vegetarian), of course I’m going to state my case. I’ll go with the flow to a certain extent, but if I believe in what I’m doing then there are going to be times when I’ll want to speak up about it. But only if people want to talk about it. I’m not going to be the food police or the dietary equivalent of door-to-door missionaries like the ones I told to go away yesterday.

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