Posted in April 2012

Equal Time

Hey, I know I can be a little bit cynical and negative about how people act when they find out someone’s vegging it, but I just wanted to mention a nice experience today where I felt like nobody thought it was any big deal, including me. Brad and I had lunch at a sports bar … Continue reading

Thanks For Sharing

Yesterday I caught an ad for the Piers Morgan show on CNN, which I don’t often watch but which I’ve heard is constantly struggling for ratings. Anyway, Piers was plugging an intimate interview with former-talk-show-host turned-dance-contest-participant Ricki Lake, who I kind of can’t help but like. (She kicked butt on Dancing With the Stars…which is … Continue reading

Wrestling With Principles: Not My Funniest Post

Yesterday I got some fresh eggs from my new egg connection! When I arrived at her place I saw probably the happiest bunch of chickens in the world. Instead of being trapped in filthy, dark stacks of stifling, tiny cages with only wires to stand on, with icky byproducts of other industrially-raised animals to eat, … Continue reading


Fit into some jeans I haven’t been able to wear for a while. Well, almost. Hence the healthy breakfast this morning.

…And When My Money’s All Gone…

We always start out in high spirits, ready to rock ‘n’ roll. We’re high on the idea of just getting out of town for a while and the journey is still fresh and new.     We enjoy sweeping vistas to the sounds of freshly composed playlists (including such varied selections as Three Dog Night’s … Continue reading

I Am So Going to Read That…Maybe

This is how technologically inept I am: I’ve been trying to upload a short video from my phone of this guy: and this gal: …roughhousing together in our living room, but I can’t get it to work for the life of me. It’s just absolutely adorable, too. At least to me it is. Probably to … Continue reading