Thanks For Sharing

Yesterday I caught an ad for the Piers Morgan show on CNN, which I don’t often watch but which I’ve heard is constantly struggling for ratings. Anyway, Piers was plugging an intimate interview with former-talk-show-host turned-dance-contest-participant Ricki Lake, who I kind of can’t help but like. (She kicked butt on Dancing With the Stars…which is a sentence I never imagined coming out of my mouth.) Unfortunately, the brief clip they chose to tease the viewer with was of her exuberantly crowing, “The sex is so much better!” I can only imagine how far into TMI-ville the interview went from there.

Now, I don’t mind people being frank (shirley I don’t, heh heh heh), and I’ve been known to overexpress at times, especially now that I can share my Friday night beer buzz with everyone on Facebook. But I don’t care how hungry for attention I am, or how much weight-loss surgery I have, or who tries to drag it out of me–you will never, ever hear me shouting to the rafters about my sex life. Geez, even in this very public world, can’t we save anything for ourselves? Besides, this kind of disclosure tends to have the wrong effect, conjuring up unwanted, eye-scorching mental imagery more often than not. If somebody wants to have voyeuristic imaginings about me (seriously? see eye-scorching, above), that’s their business, and I would hope they’d keep it similarly on the down-low.


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