Equal Time

Hey, I know I can be a little bit cynical and negative about how people act when they find out someone’s vegging it, but I just wanted to mention a nice experience today where I felt like nobody thought it was any big deal, including me.

Brad and I had lunch at a sports bar today–a place called Bleachers on Hilltop Drive in Redding, California, to be exact–I subbed out the patty on my Heat burger with one of the veggie variety. I don’t imagine this happens much in that sort of establishment. In fact, I figure my “garden patty” had probably spent more than its share of time languishing somewhere in back of the walk-in, although it tasted great. Still, it’s pretty cool of them to have the option. Anyway, I casually asked for the swap (which is offered on the menu), the waiter smoothly acknowledged it, no questions, no problems. It was just one of many perfectly acceptable, non-second-glance-inducing menu choices. Sweet!

By the way, the Heat burger was deee-lish. It featured chipotle mayo, pepper jack, and what looked like deep-fried slices of jalapeno on it. Yum yum yum. Sometimes I like my food to hurt so good; anybody with me?


2 thoughts on “Equal Time

  1. I once got hoodwinked into attending an “Earth Day” concert at the Concord Pavilion 12 or 14 years back and I’ll never forget the horrified look on the girls’ face behind the snack bar counter when I ordered a medium-well-done cheeseburger. “Oh, we don’t serve meat!” she said. I got a garden burger and didn’t like it and couldn’t finish it. I think I went home, fired up my BBQ and started the lawnmower and just let it idle until it ran out of gas in retaliation. But, all that being said, I’ve slowly (and painfully) come to the realization that I should have embraced a healthier diet a long, long time ago and anyone who can follow a healthy diet deserves praise, not ridicule. I’m actually down to about one burger every week or two now and try to match it with a salad and twice-as-often fish. I do like Chipotle and Pepper Jack. Maybe someday I’ll give it another shot …

    • I’m not sure what I ate today would be classified as healthy, but it satisfied the burger urge nicely. Good example of how it goes both ways. Nothing’s more welcoming than someone greeting you with shock and horror! I’ve been reading a bunch of articles related to the veggie lifestyle, and the posing and name-calling and one-upsmanship in the comments that follow them are just laughable. I just wonder if these wackos know how much they’re hurting their cause?r (and why won’t my phone delete that last “r”? Why?)

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