Posted in May 2012

I “Like” Facebook. There, I Said It.

“I hate Facebook!/I hate timeline!/”Like” if you hate Facebook!/Stupid Facebook!/WTF is wrong with FB?” —almost everybody You know what I hate? Not a lot, really. I guess I hate flossing my teeth. I hate that it is so goddamned complicated to do my taxes. I hate it when my idiot neighbor’s thuggy dogs bark for … Continue reading

Just Block It Out

I quit reading a lot of the major women’s mags not too long ago. I used to be a total magazine junkie, starting when I was eleven or twelve and my grandma gave me a subscription to Seventeen for Christmas. She had no idea what a monster she was creating. In my teens I wouldn’t … Continue reading

Five Random, Mildly Rebellious Acts

Just a few baby steps I’ve taken in the process of learning to live a self-directed life. 1.  Using my dogs as the header image. I assume this is a not-so-pro move, sort of akin to typing a college essay in Comic Sans or still trying to sell whimsical mustache-themed items on Etsy. (Dammit, give … Continue reading

Sharing time…

Sweet Mother‘s blog never fails to make me smile/think. Today I just had to share one of her posts. “Yoga Rage” is a funny and true explanation of what it’s like living inside a female bod. I don’t do yoga, but I can totally relate to the rollercoaster ride. (Don’t worry, men, it’s not too … Continue reading

One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

Ever Google something and just click on “Images” and check out the pics it brings up? I’ve done this to look at how people use livestock water troughs as garden beds, or to try and find out what a certain physician I transcribe for (yet have never met) might look like (sometimes wishing I hadn’t). … Continue reading

Long and Winding

Today was completely free and easy, and yet I am so tuckered out from it that I’m in my jammies by 8 o’clock on a beautiful Saturday night. Woke up slowly and lingered a while. Enjoyed my coffee outside while the dogs played in the yard, then Brad and I decided we were ready to … Continue reading

She Really Let Herself Go

Reason number MCMLXXVIII (whatever that is) why it’s not so bad being not-so-young: You can let yourself go a little in the looks department. In fact, if you make too much of a fuss about your looks you’ll just make a joke of yourself and look like you’re trying too hard. That’s not to say … Continue reading

Boy, Am I Getting Over My Perfectionism

Lately I’ve been blogging about some of the things I’m doing (exploring healthy lifestyle options, trying to get back to creative pursuits, etc.) in an attempt to live more “authentically,” as the self-help crowd might put it, or to live my “best life,” as Mother Goddess Queen President Oprah would say.  I think a simpler, less … Continue reading

Dog Is My Copilot…I Love That Bumper Sticker

Dog Is My Copilot…I Love That Bumper Sticker

After several days of almost everybody I know being in some sort of funk or not feeling well (possibly something to do with the pull of that big “super moon” that just happened, or maybe just the wind that was blowing like crazy the past few days and ruining otherwise beautiful weather), today was one … Continue reading