One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

Ever Google something and just click on “Images” and check out the pics it brings up? I’ve done this to look at how people use livestock water troughs as garden beds, or to try and find out what a certain physician I transcribe for (yet have never met) might look like (sometimes wishing I hadn’t). It cuts through a lot of the BS of weeding through the text results to find what you’re looking for. It’s also more fun.

Today I don’t have much to occupy me, so just now I ate some chips and guac for lunch, watched Ina Garten acting all excited over having somebody show her how to make scrambled eggs (whatever), and then sort of aimlessly wandered back to my ever-present friend, the internet. Somebody put up something funny on Pinterest, so I decided to check out my own Pinterest boards because I haven’t been on there for a while and have forgotten what I’ve pinned.

After reviewing with some pleasure and awe my “Well Hello There” board, which features images of fellows I find attractive (George Clooney, Javier Bardem, Paul Newman, etc.), it occurred to me that there are many other handsome gents I’ve been noticing lately, several of whom happen to make their living engaging in America’s pastime. (No, not creating new bacon recipes. I’m talking about baseball, dummy.) I decided to see if I could find a little more material with which to further enrich my treasure trove of sigh-inducing photographs.

I started with somebody I’ve been lusting after for a few seasons now: Jayson Werth. I think he plays for the Nationals now, but honestly I’m not even sure. All I care about is that he fits a rather odd sub-type I have, which I guess can best be described as The Dangerous Viking.

He’d look awesome in one of those hats with horns on them, or in anything, or nothing, for that matter. I typed in his name and went straight to “Images,” and was rewarded with hundreds of snapshots of his scruffy, red-haired hotness.

Plus one of…

(and this is the whole reason I’m blogging about this)

Barry Gibb.

That’s what I love about Google Images! “Oooh, yeah, Amber…Jayson Werth…sexy bearded dude with wild, flowing hair…we get what you’re after….so HOW ABOUT SOME BARRY GIBB!!?? HAHAHAAA–GOTCHA!”

Come to think of it, Barry Gibb is probably the bigger stud. I don’t know if Jayson Werth could pull off that necklace.

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