I “Like” Facebook. There, I Said It.

“I hate Facebook!/I hate timeline!/”Like” if you hate Facebook!/Stupid Facebook!/WTF is wrong with FB?” —almost everybody

You know what I hate? Not a lot, really. I guess I hate flossing my teeth. I hate that it is so goddamned complicated to do my taxes. I hate it when my idiot neighbor’s thuggy dogs bark for an hour straight in the morning, and I conversely hate it when my idiot neighbor comes out and kicks the crap out of them because they bark. I hate it when bad things happen to good people. I hate skim milk. But, come to think of it, I probably don’t really even hate these things (except the cruelty, which includes the skim milk, because that shit is cruel); it’s just more of an annoyance or strong dislike. Hate is just such an angry, red-faced, nostril-steaming word. But listen to the buzz out there and you’ll figure that’s the expression on the faces of all those hundreds of millions of unfortunate souls who are chained to their online devices and forced to interact on Facebook.

“Oh, I almost never go on Facebook…I don’t have time for that shit, man.” Well, aren’t you so much cooler than the rest of us? I’m not ashamed to say I enjoy the heck out of Facebook–in fact, I’d go so far as to say I love it–and I’m on there a lot. I’m a compulsive reader and constant scanner, for one thing, so much so that I remember being a little kid and already knowing the ingredients on my dad’s Head & Shoulders bottle in the bathroom by heart because I’d review them every time I sat in the tub. Facebook is a fun way to indulge my scanning tendencies while joking around and keeping in touch with people who don’t happen to be sitting in the same room with me. I don’t even mind the dreaded timeline, now that I’ve gotten used to the layout. Call me indoctrinated.

Sure, people post things on Facebook that annoy me or say things I think are kind of stupid, but so what? I’m sure I’m not everybody’s favorite FB friend either. I’ve used LOL when at a loss for anything more intelligent to say. I “like” the occasional cute kitty picture. I rant quite a bit, particularly about ignorance and people who insist on coming across like profane versions of e e cummings (“haha biotch i seen ur text wtf how about lunch lol”), but I try to do it in the spirit of entertainment, not just whining. Anyway, nobody’s forcing you to read it. Besides, I think it’s far better to have people bitching about things on Facebook than to have them sitting in the next cubicle bitching about those same things out loud while scarfing microwave popcorn or sucking on a Frappuccino.

In fact, this tendency to look at annoying bullshit as just another opportunity for amusement has started to carry over into my real life in a positive way. I don’t get as mad about things anymore. I mean, really, most of the time, who cares?

Granted, my love of Facebook may stem from my general inclination to keep people at arm’s length (or farther), but, oddly, it has simultaneously made me into a more social/sociable person. I’ve made new friends and strengthened old bonds, shared a lot of news and had a ton of laughs.

I didn’t buy any stock, and if my friends start jumping ship in droves for another social network, I’ll probably follow so I’m not left without anybody to rant to or share pictures of my dinner with. Still, I’d like to let that nerdy, stealthy little Mark Zuckerberg, who seems like somebody I would not enjoy knowing, know that I do enjoy the product nonetheless, and I am not too cool to admit it. As proof, here is an adorable picture of my dogs taking a nap:

hahaha lol 😉 ❤


10 thoughts on “I “Like” Facebook. There, I Said It.

  1. I tried really hard to resist facebook. I had a facebook account for a long time without looking at it much. Then one day I bought a smart phone(which is way smarter than me and really a waste for what I use my phone for)and the nice lady at the phone store hooked it all up to my facebook. Then for about 2 months I was constantly annoyed that all the status updates kept showing up on my phone. I tried so hard to ignore them….even took my phone back to the store and asked to have it removed from my phone(not sure what happened but that only lasted about a week and then they showed back up). After getting regular updates on my nieces and some close family friends I decided it wasn’t all that bad. It didn’t take long and then I was completely hooked. I really liked that I could feel sort of in touch with people without really being in touch with them. Some status updates crack me up….some make me sad and some make me really happy that I have the life I have. I do get annoyed at the facebook drama queens but also find some humor in it!! I am not afraid to admit…I to “like” facebook!!
    Another great blog…and your dogs are so cute!!

    • My biggest reason for finally getting a smart phone was so that I could goof off on Facebook, etc., while waiting for Brad in bowling alleys, softball parks, etc., and it’s been perfect for that! I’m kind of like a little kid that way, needing to make sure I bring my crayons and coloring book to keep occupied.

  2. I joined Facebook in January 2009 because Chris Rossi said he wanted to see some momentum build before committing both his new and old bands to my idea of a 50th birthday party that became the original Wallystock … and he suggested Facebook would be a good way to get things rolling. Up until then I’d thought “Aw, geez, anybody I want to find or talk to, I talk to already, this junk ain’t for me, blah blah blah.” I was wrong. I was very wrong. It’s like walking into a living room with almost every friend you’ve ever had … and if there’s anybody you don’t want in the room, you can lock ’em out. Seriously. It’s like a dream come true.

    • Yeah, my dad’s probably right when he says this kind of stuff will be our undoing, but I can’t help it. I got started in January 2008 because Leslay Choy wanted me to play Scrabble with her.

    • Thankfully, Brad did our taxes this year (via Turbotax) and all I had to do was hand over receipts and stuff. I’m thinking I married good, but we’ll see if we get audited…

  3. I friggin love Facebook and I am a total and utter addict. And I like how your two dogs are spooning too.

  4. I agree, Amber. It has been a great tool for me to reconnect with old friends, get to know current friends better, meet new people, be inspired, and has even been the catalyst for an old friend and I to make amends. It has literally changed my life for the better, and I don’t care if I sound silly. It is nice to be able to break away from my boring job and see what people are up to.

    I realize that it may not be the perfect venue for junior high kids that want to use it as a slam book and/or a way to bully, but as a middle aged person, I get to hear about vacations, kids, grandchildren, pets, and see the photos along with it all. Great stuff. Someone just posted a photo of Yellowstone the other day that knocked my socks off. I have always wanted to go there, but now, it is truly on my bucket list.

    Also, I get to read great blogs. Keep ’em coming. 🙂

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