Field Roast Field Trip

I was a lazy slug all day today. There wasn’t much coming down the pipe as far as transcription work, so I had some free time. Aside from fetching some printer ink (and printing some stuff with it) and 3 dozen eggs from my free-range egg connection, my day was completely open to use as I darn well chose to use it.

So how did I use it? I’m not sure. It’s gone and I don’t really know where it went. What that tells me is I didn’t do much worth remembering. I did watch some Anthony Bourdain (who hates people like me, with my part-time veggie notions and all, but I love his show anyway), and page through most of an HGTV home decorating mag.

I got a little hungry around 8:00, and Brad had already scrounged up something for himself, so I decided it was a good time to try another item I’d picked up on a plant-based food research excursion to S&S Produce, a local natural foods kind of place: Field Roast “Grain Meat Sausages”, Italian variety.

These little babies are made with “vital wheat gluten” (whatever that means–all I know is that everybody thinks no one should eat gluten right now, but I’m pretty sure that’s a bunch of nonsense), vegetables, spices, etc. I recognized every item on the ingredient list. They have 240 calories each, 10 grams of fat (1 g saturated), 4 grams of fiber, and 25 grams of protein. Also 570 mg of sodium, which I guess is not the greatest, but it’s not the worst either. You can crumble them up and use them in scrambles, sauces, etc., or you can just grill one or pan-brown it and eat it like a hot dog, like I did.

The verdict? Pretty dang tasty. Obviously not the same as a “real” hot dog made from cow or pig, but I think I’d buy Field Roast again. The first bite or two was when I really noticed the difference–the wheat taste was apparent, and that, coupled with the Italian spices, kind of made me feel like I was eating a bowl of whole-wheat pasta with marinara sauce. After that, though, I was quite content with my vegan dog. One of these would definitely get me through a backyard barbecue with friends or family. Laugh all you want, Bourdain.



2 thoughts on “Field Roast Field Trip

  1. I’ve had these myself, and I agree they’re not bad. I have to say, if you’re looking for hot dog-type things, I like the Morningstar Farms version, in the freezer section. Even the carnivores at my house like them, and that has never happened with any other non-meat “hot dog” they’ve tried. But I have made the Field Roast for myself on nights when folks come to dinner and are eating meat as their main dish, and it does a decent job for me.

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