Posted in July 2012

Small Talk 07-31-2012: Addendum

Please be aware that while I tend to end my blog posts with some remark that makes everything sound hunky-dory, the truth is that I’m totally bullshitting myself a lot of the time. Advertisements

…And What Do YOU Do?

Ok, everybody, I want you all to start referring to me as an abstract artist, because that’s what I am now. I figure if I can draw this: …and color it in like this: …then why not? Abstract art has no rules–well, maybe it does, but all I have to do is come up with … Continue reading

Dietary Derailment: Getting Back On Track

The best way to describe my eating habits of late would be COMPLETELY OFF THE RAILS. Every once in a while this happens. One day I’m having a little of this, a little of that, and before you know it I’m having as much as I want of whatever decadent, artery-clogging gut filler that sounds … Continue reading

Comfort Zone Expansion 101

I can be kind of standoffish a lot of the time. People might think I’m stuck-up or just not very nice, but really it’s because I have a shy side, and a huge problem with feeling self-conscious and uptight around others. This makes sharing my home space with just about anybody except my husband and … Continue reading

Quality Time

I just spent a couple of days in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest camping with my immediate, original family: my mom, dad, and brother, and his wife, son, and daughter. These are my favorite times–just kicking back, gathering around the campfire, enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors and the company of the people who love … Continue reading