This is a Post About What I’m Doing Instead of Working On a Post

Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream

For goodness’ sake, it’s National Ice Cream Day! According to…I dunno…somebody. I wasted a whole bunch of time this morning working on some interminable piece of blather about how I gradually came to embrace country music before I realized that it would be a much better idea to set that frivolous business aside and make some gosh darned ice cream.

Well, first I took a ride up to Redding with Husband to grab some balls. No, dummy–softballs, for his softball league, from the Sports Authority up there. Anyway, his balls safely locked in the back of the Tahoe, we grabbed some lunch at a place called Lumberjacks (“Lumberjacks:  We Won’t Treat You Like Shit” is their motto, I believe…or something like that) and headed home. When we got back to town, I hit Safeway for some ingredients, and now there’s a batch of rich, chocolaty mixture chilling in the fridge, ready to be plopped into my cute wood-barreled ice cream freezer in a few hours. Can’t wait, can’t wait! A devout Ice Creamist, this ranks right up there on my list of holy days, and I want to do it up right.

That post about the long journey to embracing the music of my people can wait. It was getting really long-winded anyway. In the meantime, I’m going to blow some soap bubbles for our puppy to chase and check out some home decor I’ll never get around to in Better Homes & Gardens.

Oh, and P.S.–I have to give Brad the credit for the Lumberjacks motto. He really has a feel for marketing and I think we should pitch that to the company. Either that or open up our own similar place and use the motto ourselves. It could be called Dag Nabbit’s and feature an old Miner Forty-Niner on the sign. I’ve made a note of this on the memo pad function of my fine 2-year-old Blackberry device. You can rest assured we will be all over this idea in the coming….well…after National Ice Cream Day is properly celebrated, and after I’ve finished chronicling my musical journey through life for your (or maybe just my own) reading pleasure.

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