…And What Do YOU Do?

Ok, everybody, I want you all to start referring to me as an abstract artist, because that’s what I am now.

I figure if I can draw this:

…and color it in like this:

…then why not? Abstract art has no rules–well, maybe it does, but all I have to do is come up with some bullshit line like, “My approach is to deliberately break the rules in order to make a statement.” If anyone asks me what that statement is, all I have to do is say, “Excellent question. My approach is to invite the viewer to come to his or her own personal conclusion.”

So that’s what I do now. I’m Amber Gravitt, Abstract Artist. No, wait, I’m The Abstract Artist Amber Gravitt. Or possibly I should just drop my last name….

….whatever helps me to inflate my sense of self-importance, because I’ve figured out that this is the thing I’ve neglected to do up to this point in order to achieve success in life.

Ever meet someone new and they casually rattle off some grandiose job description like everybody and their brother has heard of it except you? “Oh I’m a materials and strategies design and development trainer educator consultant. I’m kind of sick of it, though–looking into launching a start-up in providing corporate retreat curriculum solutions instead, if I can work up some seed money. I mean, after all, you can’t live on a hundred grand anymore.”

Excuse me, what?

I’ve never had a prestigious or important job of any kind, at least from my perspective. My jobs have mainly had simple, unassuming descriptions like Receptionist, Clerk, Teacher, Tour Guide. I’ve had friends who were able to make anything they did sound like a Big Deal, and they usually seemed to do much better than I did financially as well. Maybe I just never had the confidence and bravado to make myself believe any of my jobs were important. Or maybe, because I was painfully aware that I usually wasn’t doing anything I really cared about, I was unable to talk myself into thinking my work would impress anybody else. Whatever my particular stumbling block was, I now realize it boiled down to never feeling like I deserved to proudly call myself anything.

So, I may pay the bills these days as an Independently Contracting Medical Transcription Grand Practitioner, but I am also currently incubating my new start-up venture as Amber Gravitt, Renowned Abstract Artist….also considering occasional work as Amber Gravitt, Fabulously-Regarded Wordsmith Extraordinaire. I would appreciate it if you all would refer to me as such when introducing me to others.

Thank you….and how may I address you?


6 thoughts on “…And What Do YOU Do?

  1. Speaking as the founder, CEO, promoter and chief financial backer of Northern California’s fastest-growing musical festival … uh, OK, party … I have suddenly realized we have been seriously underutilizing the abstract art talents of “AAA!”

  2. I recently had a discussion about this topic. My friend feels the small talk “so what do you do for a living?” line is very American. It would be considered rude to ask that in many other countries. We are so much more than what we do for our paycheck. Their are very few occupations that even begin to describe a person, or even tell us ANYTHING about a person. Please address me as The Reverend, or El Miel, or The Honey Guy, or The Drummer, or The Stay-at-home-dad, or…

    • Thanks for reading and thanks for the follow! It’s nice to know somebody relates. It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted anything. I have a bunch of drafts but can’t seem to get turned on enough to finish one. Of course, having people read and like my past posts provides a nice kick in the butt to make me want to get posting again.

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