Posted in August 2012

Going Cold Tofurky

September 1 is this Saturday. I LOVE September, mainly because it means the relentless scorching hell that is August is finally over. Like a lot of people, I always want to make a fresh start when the “-ember” months arrive. The heat fatigue starts to lift and there’s an exhilarating crispness in each morning that … Continue reading

Insomnia 083012

Sleep is good. I’ve never been one of those people who loves to brag about how they’ll sleep when they’re dead, because they’re so busy being extreme and badass and crazy and eating life in big, giant bites that normal people just can’t handle. I like sleeping. It feels so good. I like it much … Continue reading


You know, it occurs to me that I could maintain an entire blog just doing posts on what I’m thinking of writing about, without actually writing about anything. I’ve done this a couple of times. For instance, just now I was thinking of writing a post on the pros of sharing one vehicle with my … Continue reading

Bed Made, Now Lying In It

Pardon my French, but as I gathered up my still-hot morning coffee and trudged angrily back into the house just a few minutes ago, this came spitting off of my tongue: “Fine, neighbors, I hope you come out for your f*cking morning bong rips and can’t take them in peace because my f*cking dogs are … Continue reading