Other Than Constant Hunger, Just Fine, Thanks

Don’t worry–this isn’t another food post. That’s just how the big vegan project is going so far. I’m trying to eat sustaining stuff, but I guess when you cut out things like big, giant bacon cheeseburgers that set up camp in your gut forever, then you get hungry a little more often.

Other than that, though, this has been a most wonderful three-day weekend. Very domestic. Brad started doing some infrastructure in the yard, while, other than a little bit of work and a little provision procurement, I’ve mostly had the pleasure of hanging around in sloppy clothes, reading magazines, goofing off online, and playing with the dogs….

…. of which we now have four. I guess we’re keeping Nora (above), the little foundling I picked up when I saw her running loose out by the three bridges (a notorious dog-dumping area) a couple of weeks ago. I mean, for some people four dogs isn’t a big deal, but for us it’s capacity. Still, we haven’t found anyone to take her and she’s getting to be pretty good buddies with the other dogs. There’s a rescue shelter here, but they’re overworked and underfunded, so I can’t in good conscience make them take care of her. So she’s sticking around, it appears. Anyway, we’re getting into a routine. A crazy and sort of over-the-top routine, but a routine. I bought a crapload of dog food today.

On the blogging front, I’m trying to take more time to read and comment on the blogs I follow, because more and more people have been kindly reading, commenting on, and even following mine. I appreciate it so much!  It’s a blast to get those little email dings on my phone that say somebody72 “liked” my post, or crazyyogabitch is “following” my blog. I like that we can just toss our thoughts out to the wind, cyberspace-wise, and people out there will take the time to consider them. (NOTE: Screen names have been completely made up to protect the actual, nice people who are kindly paying me a little of their attention.) I’d love to become one of those bloggers who has a whole grid of avatars of “likers” below each post, with one of those gorgeously-composed blogs that suck you in with their dreamily beautiful graphics and photos, but I think you have to learn some code or something, and yuck. That just does not sound like any fun at all.

Oh, hey, who’s stoked that the new TV season is here? This gal! And her husband. Grimm is on later tonight, and The Walking Dead starts in a little over a month. Brad’s stoked about that one. I completely dread it, because it both chills me to the bone and rivets me to the screen every week. It’s a disturbing, draining, grueling drama from hell. And we just got done watching the season premiere of Anthony Bourdain‘s final No Reservations tour. It was about Austin, TX. Watching all that mouthwatering smoked brisket getting sliced up and pulled apart and sucked down just about sent me running for the nearest BBQ joint (not near at all here in NorCal), which tells me the animal-rights arm of veganism is probably not my stronghold so much as the avoiding-gluttony aspect is.

BTW, did anyone else notice how many news and sports desks were staffed this weekend by reporters getting one last wear out of their whites before the ol’ Labor Day cutoff?

In other news, it’s getting dark by 8:00 pm now. The cozy season is fast approaching. Got yer cocoa fixins’ ready?


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