Food Post! Food Post!

See? As previously mentioned, I’m enthusiastic right now. In this case, I’m enthusiastic about the kickass food I have prepared for myself today.

Breakfast, meh. Your basic egg sandwich: egg, whole-wheat bread (toasted), and a shmear of cream cheese (in this case Tofutti). So what.

But LUNCH! I made this collard green dish I found somewhere on the internet that has become a favorite of mine.

"Cajun" Collards

It proclaims itself to be “Cajun,” but I don’t know or care whether or not it is. It has hot sauce and pepper flakes and cayenne in it, though. It’s basically collards, onions, garlic, tomatoes, peppers and spices in some vegetable broth, and I always have it over some whole-wheat couscous, because couscous is a filler that is so easy to prepare it’s unbelievable that it’s even remotely good for you. This dish makes me cry in pain and delight. I can’t believe I like it so much. I must make this for my mom, who inherited a love of all things face-burning and tomatoey from my Louisiana-native grandpa.

Then, after a mid-afternoon snack of a couple of big slabs of watermelon, it eventually became time for DINNER! When reading through some of the blogs I follow earlier today, I found some yummy-looking potato and chorizo tacos on Turning Veganese, which looked to be right in my wheelhouse, so I made my own approximation of them and added a dab of my beloved friend, the condiment of the gods, gaucamole. Que rico! (Sorry, can’t find that upside-down exclamation point right now.)

So other than a very pedestrian breakfast, it’s been a very spicy, flavorful,  and slightly exotic food day. Thank goodness for the internet, or I’d probably be finishing off a frozen pizza instead. 🙂

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