Stop the Presses! I Mean, Don’t Stop the Presses!

Cover of "Fame (Extended Dance Edition + ...

…Fifteen Minutes, Counting Down…Cover via Amazon

I’m freaking out, everybody!

….as opposed to, “I’m freaking out everybody!” Note the importance of a well-placed comma, as opposed to the errant comma I left in my Freshly Pressed post, “Oh, Please Do Tell Me About What You’re Not Selling.” Very similar to the more familiar, “Let’s eat, Grandpa,” vs. “Let’s eat Grandpa” example.

Anyway, after an agonizing couple of days, during which I became convinced that the WordPress editors were just toying with my feelings, my promised appearance on the Freshly Pressed page has indeed finally occurred, and now I’m totally stoked and a little nervous. My likes and comments and follows have risen dramatically and the idea of keeping up with things is making me hyperventilate a little. At the same time, it’s so much fun! I blog, therefore I am.

To everyone who takes the time to read my posts, “like” them, leave a comment, and/or follow my blog, my sincere and heartfelt thanks. I’ll try and keep producing things worth a few minutes of your day.

Much obliged,


7 thoughts on “Stop the Presses! I Mean, Don’t Stop the Presses!

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