Hey…Did You Happen to See the Most Beautiful Blogger In the World?

…well, I’m not sure, but I have seen quite a few contenders! (Apologies to country singer Charlie Rich for the bad twist on lyrics.)

I want to thank Purple Rosemary for nominating me for a Beautiful Blogger award! It’s one of these:

Being nominated for this award carries with it some responsibilities. Here they are:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. In my case, that would be you, Purple Rosemary, so thanks again!
  2. Attach the award to your site for braggin’ rights. Done!
  3. Share 7 random facts about you.  1) I taught English in Japan.  2) Shoes are always sold out in my size, which is 8 1/2.  3) I’m a Rolling Stones person more than I am a Beatles person.  4) I watch baseball almost strictly to enjoy the attractive…uh…scenery.  5) I’m thinking about starting an anonymous blog so I can talk about everybody I know on it.  6) I hate spiders even more than the average person.  7) I put Baileys in my coffee this morning.
  4. Nominate 15 bloggers for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Here are at least that many. I enjoy these. Check ’em out:

…and I’ll add my own fourth item to the list: Get back to writing “real” blog entries so I can consider myself worthy of such a Major Award!

The Leg Lamp

Fans of A Christmas Story will recognize this other Major Award: The Leg Lamp (Photo credit: Valerie27)


6 thoughts on “Hey…Did You Happen to See the Most Beautiful Blogger In the World?

  1. Congrats on the award! LOVE your title. That song is like time travel, and it’s a pity that radio doesn’t recognized its loveliness now that we are several decades away from its release.

    • Thanks, and I agree! I takes me back to being a kid and having my parents playing it on their gigantic console stereo in the living room. I also love “Behind Closed Doors.” Glad you recognized it! I love classic country.

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  4. Hi Amber,

    My name is Kev. Pleased to Meet You. :).

    MANY Congratulations on your Award from myself also. :).

    I have just started to ‘Follow’ your Blog, :).

    Best Wishes

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