Not Nifty; More Like Horrible

OK, I’m back. I’m not reporting anything “nifty,” like I promised, though. Quite the opposite. It’s about the news.

All I can think of every time one of these lunatics shoots up a place is when is it going to be my turn to try and dodge bullets? My family’s turn? When is it going to happen somewhere I am, or somewhere someone I love is? Every time Brad tells me about any kind of incident at work or anything like that, the first thought that comes to mind is that I hope nobody gets all disgruntled and comes back and opens fire. Because it’s happening often enough now that it seems possible–even likely.

I grew up eating wild game and living in a rural area, where people might not hear you yell for help. I don’t like the idea of banning guns. However, I also don’t like the idea of living in a Wild-West-style society where everybody has to be armed just in case some disturbed person decides they want to go out in a blaze of glory and really stick it to the world. I don’t like guns personally. Should I really have to have to carry a gun to the damned mall or movie theater or school or restaurant in case I might have to take some crazy f*cker out? That sounds like a sad way to have to live.

It’s not like we can just threaten these nutcases with stiffer prison terms. They usually take the cowardly route and take themselves out so nothing happens to them except infamy. Then everyone else left alive in their wake just has to live with the horror and loss.

So what do we do?


One thought on “Not Nifty; More Like Horrible

  1. There are no answers. I refuse to live in fear (with or without a gun). 99.9% of us are good people. Those are pretty good odds. The politics of gun rights is a sticky one. Personally I don’t like guns and don’t let my children play at homes with guns. I also know this gunman in Connecticut would have had to be a lot more creative to take out that many people without a gun. Peace.

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