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Call the Doctor–I Feel Fine

The past few days I have been traipsing through foreign territory. In other words, I’ve been in an unflappable, go-with-the-flow, relaxed and happy mood. I’ve felt like I’ve been firing on all cylinders. Today I’m even typing with more speed and accuracy than usual. My brain has been practically buzzing with ideas and my emotions … Continue reading

Tiffany, Have Joaquin Bring the Car ‘Round

Brad and I have been fantasizing lately about having a maid, a butler, and a driver. I think we’re the perfect people to employ household help. In other words, we’re lazy. The only thing missing is some family money for us to fritter away. Damn glitches! I’m not sure what Brad would have the butler … Continue reading

Just Block It Out

I quit reading a lot of the major women’s mags not too long ago. I used to be a total magazine junkie, starting when I was eleven or twelve and my grandma gave me a subscription to Seventeen for Christmas. She had no idea what a monster she was creating. In my teens I wouldn’t … Continue reading

One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

Ever Google something and just click on “Images” and check out the pics it brings up? I’ve done this to look at how people use livestock water troughs as garden beds, or to try and find out what a certain physician I transcribe for (yet have never met) might look like (sometimes wishing I hadn’t). … Continue reading

Thanks For Sharing

Yesterday I caught an ad for the Piers Morgan show on CNN, which I don’t often watch but which I’ve heard is constantly struggling for ratings. Anyway, Piers was plugging an intimate interview with former-talk-show-host turned-dance-contest-participant Ricki Lake, who I kind of can’t help but like. (She kicked butt on Dancing With the Stars…which is … Continue reading

…And When My Money’s All Gone…

We always start out in high spirits, ready to rock ‘n’ roll. We’re high on the idea of just getting out of town for a while and the journey is still fresh and new.     We enjoy sweeping vistas to the sounds of freshly composed playlists (including such varied selections as Three Dog Night’s … Continue reading