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Other Than Constant Hunger, Just Fine, Thanks

Don’t worry–this isn’t another food post. That’s just how the big vegan project is going so far. I’m trying to eat sustaining stuff, but I guess when you cut out things like big, giant bacon cheeseburgers that set up camp in your gut forever, then you get hungry a little more often. Other than that, … Continue reading

Comfort Zone Expansion 101

I can be kind of standoffish a lot of the time. People might think I’m stuck-up or just not very nice, but really it’s because I have a shy side, and a huge problem with feeling self-conscious and uptight around others. This makes sharing my home space with just about anybody except my husband and … Continue reading

Quality Time

I just spent a couple of days in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest camping with my immediate, original family: my mom, dad, and brother, and his wife, son, and daughter. These are my favorite times–just kicking back, gathering around the campfire, enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors and the company of the people who love … Continue reading

One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

Ever Google something and just click on “Images” and check out the pics it brings up? I’ve done this to look at how people use livestock water troughs as garden beds, or to try and find out what a certain physician I transcribe for (yet have never met) might look like (sometimes wishing I hadn’t). … Continue reading

Thanks For Sharing

Yesterday I caught an ad for the Piers Morgan show on CNN, which I don’t often watch but which I’ve heard is constantly struggling for ratings. Anyway, Piers was plugging an intimate interview with former-talk-show-host turned-dance-contest-participant Ricki Lake, who I kind of can’t help but like. (She kicked butt on Dancing With the Stars…which is … Continue reading