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Long and Winding

Today was completely free and easy, and yet I am so tuckered out from it that I’m in my jammies by 8 o’clock on a beautiful Saturday night. Woke up slowly and lingered a while. Enjoyed my coffee outside while the dogs played in the yard, then Brad and I decided we were ready to … Continue reading

Dog Is My Copilot…I Love That Bumper Sticker

Dog Is My Copilot…I Love That Bumper Sticker

After several days of almost everybody I know being in some sort of funk or not feeling well (possibly something to do with the pull of that big “super moon” that just happened, or maybe just the wind that was blowing like crazy the past few days and ruining otherwise beautiful weather), today was one … Continue reading

…And When My Money’s All Gone…

We always start out in high spirits, ready to rock ‘n’ roll. We’re high on the idea of just getting out of town for a while and the journey is still fresh and new.     We enjoy sweeping vistas to the sounds of freshly composed playlists (including such varied selections as Three Dog Night’s … Continue reading