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Seeing Past the Pink Cowboy Hat

I think my fifteen minutes is over. Whew. My post has worked its way off the bottom of the Freshly Pressed page and things are starting to calm down into a manageable state again. That was quite a little ride, though! For a casual, personal little blog like mine, the pace got a bit crazier … Continue reading

Stop the Presses! I Mean, Don’t Stop the Presses!

I’m freaking out, everybody! ….as opposed to, “I’m freaking out everybody!” Note the importance of a well-placed comma, as opposed to the errant comma I left in my Freshly Pressed post, “Oh, Please Do Tell Me About What You’re Not Selling.” Very similar to the more familiar, “Let’s eat, Grandpa,” vs. “Let’s eat Grandpa” example. … Continue reading

Attack of the Whatevers

It’s been a while since I’ve felt the urge to post. Been fighting a bout of apathy that has not been conducive to productivity. Still fighting it, as a matter of fact. I’m just not sure where to go with blogging. Have I lost interest in this one already? Should I come up with a … Continue reading

I “Like” Facebook. There, I Said It.

“I hate Facebook!/I hate timeline!/”Like” if you hate Facebook!/Stupid Facebook!/WTF is wrong with FB?” —almost everybody You know what I hate? Not a lot, really. I guess I hate flossing my teeth. I hate that it is so goddamned complicated to do my taxes. I hate it when my idiot neighbor’s thuggy dogs bark for … Continue reading

Five Random, Mildly Rebellious Acts

Just a few baby steps I’ve taken in the process of learning to live a self-directed life. 1.  Using my dogs as the header image. I assume this is a not-so-pro move, sort of akin to typing a college essay in Comic Sans or still trying to sell whimsical mustache-themed items on Etsy. (Dammit, give … Continue reading

Sharing time…

Sweet Mother‘s blog never fails to make me smile/think. Today I just had to share one of her posts. “Yoga Rage” is a funny and true explanation of what it’s like living inside a female bod. I don’t do yoga, but I can totally relate to the rollercoaster ride. (Don’t worry, men, it’s not too … Continue reading

Boy, Am I Getting Over My Perfectionism

Lately I’ve been blogging about some of the things I’m doing (exploring healthy lifestyle options, trying to get back to creative pursuits, etc.) in an attempt to live more “authentically,” as the self-help crowd might put it, or to live my “best life,” as Mother Goddess Queen President Oprah would say.  I think a simpler, less … Continue reading

The Midlife Reboot

I started out with what many said at the time was great promise. I excelled mainly in the more creative subjects, which everyone said figured because, like my artist/bookworm mother, I was left-handed. I taught myself to play the piano in my grandmother’s living room, where I hung around until my parents got home from … Continue reading