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Help Wanted

I’m so hungry right now I think I could eat a horse…radish. But everything I can think of that’s the least bit appetizing is also labor-intensive. I’ve decided that vegan dining would be a lot easier if I had someone to prepare my meals for me. Ellen and Portia, can I borrow your chef on … Continue reading

I Hope Jeff Foxworthy Doesn’t Sue Me For This….

…but if your salad consists of half a head of iceberg lettuce, semi-dehydrated month-old carrots, semi-pruny cherry tomatoes, homemade vegan ranch dressing, and a generous helping of croutons you made yourself out of stale hotdog buns, served in plastic Tupperware because that’s the only bowl big enough, then…. ….you might be some kind of vegan … Continue reading

I Ate This

Roasted diced sweet potato and red onion topped with a handful of black beans, green onion, jalapeno slices, and Daiya pepper jack “cheese” shreds, plus a dollop of light sour cream, which ruined the vegan-ness but sounded so good I added it anyway. Yummy dinner! I can’t believe it, but this fake cheese just might … Continue reading

Kale Is the New Black

In my quest for healthy foods that rise above the level of “I don’t hate it,” I’ve been trying a lot of new stuff. I’ve noticed that recipes including kale are all over the place lately, but I had never tried the stuff until yesterday. Kale is supposedly a good plant source of calcium, so … Continue reading

Homemade Chips

I think I’m pretty cool because I bake my own tortilla chips. They’re just plain corn tortillas cut into wedges and baked at 400 degrees on a cookie sheet until they look a little brown. I don’t even salt them, but you might want to. They’re very crisp, so be ready! A bag of Doritos … Continue reading