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Insomnia 083012

Sleep is good. I’ve never been one of those people who loves to brag about how they’ll sleep when they’re dead, because they’re so busy being extreme and badass and crazy and eating life in big, giant bites that normal people just can’t handle. I like sleeping. It feels so good. I like it much … Continue reading

Polluted Stream of Consciousness

In lieu of a real composition, I will now attempt to placate you with a little stream of what’s going through the ol’ noggin. Just so you know, it’s not particularly pleasant, and profanity will probably be plentiful, but hey–at least I’m posting something! It’s been a couple of weeks, I know, and unfortunately I … Continue reading

I “Like” Facebook. There, I Said It.

“I hate Facebook!/I hate timeline!/”Like” if you hate Facebook!/Stupid Facebook!/WTF is wrong with FB?” —almost everybody You know what I hate? Not a lot, really. I guess I hate flossing my teeth. I hate that it is so goddamned complicated to do my taxes. I hate it when my idiot neighbor’s thuggy dogs bark for … Continue reading