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What Are Your Pet Predicaments?

There are a lot of predicaments in life that I’ve avoided. You might call it being overly cautious; I prefer to call it simple mindfulness of consequences. True, it must be acknowledged that luck played a part sometimes. Even though I was always more careful than most, in my younger years I could have become … Continue reading

New Meaning of “Killer Workout”

See this? That’s the handlebar of my “new” stationary exercise bike getting ready to sock me in the boob, or face, or some other upper-body location it’s not supposed to be touching. A few days ago I started hunting around for an exercise bike to use while I’m watching TV as a lower-impact way to … Continue reading

Comfort Zone Expansion 101

I can be kind of standoffish a lot of the time. People might think I’m stuck-up or just not very nice, but really it’s because I have a shy side, and a huge problem with feeling self-conscious and uptight around others. This makes sharing my home space with just about anybody except my husband and … Continue reading

Quality Time

I just spent a couple of days in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest camping with my immediate, original family: my mom, dad, and brother, and his wife, son, and daughter. These are my favorite times–just kicking back, gathering around the campfire, enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors and the company of the people who love … Continue reading

Call Me Granny

My eyes have finally had it. They’re starting to go. Glasses are just around the corner. Working/Facebooking/writing on the computer all day, reading messages and web info on my phone, staring at the TV a couple of hours a night (whether I’m actually watching it or just letting my mind wander), and then actually attempting … Continue reading