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Small Victories

I reeeally wanted pizza tonight, but since I knew way too many slices of it would end up in my gut, I made this bowl of pasta with asparagus, tomatoes, garlic and herbs instead, cleverly employing a few leftover packets of parmesan from our last pizza delivery because we seem to be out of the … Continue reading

Kale Is the New Black

In my quest for healthy foods that rise above the level of “I don’t hate it,” I’ve been trying a lot of new stuff. I’ve noticed that recipes including kale are all over the place lately, but I had never tried the stuff until yesterday. Kale is supposedly a good plant source of calcium, so … Continue reading

Homemade Chips

I think I’m pretty cool because I bake my own tortilla chips. They’re just plain corn tortillas cut into wedges and baked at 400 degrees on a cookie sheet until they look a little brown. I don’t even salt them, but you might want to. They’re very crisp, so be ready! A bag of Doritos … Continue reading