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Seeing Past the Pink Cowboy Hat

I think my fifteen minutes is over. Whew. My post has worked its way off the bottom of the Freshly Pressed page and things are starting to calm down into a manageable state again. That was quite a little ride, though! For a casual, personal little blog like mine, the pace got a bit crazier … Continue reading

Tiffany, Have Joaquin Bring the Car ‘Round

Brad and I have been fantasizing lately about having a maid, a butler, and a driver. I think we’re the perfect people to employ household help. In other words, we’re lazy. The only thing missing is some family money for us to fritter away. Damn glitches! I’m not sure what Brad would have the butler … Continue reading

So sue me, I’m part hippie.

This is not my normal state of dress. We were at a big, drunken party with 3 bands and an open bar. The hat is vintage ’70s and got me a lot of attention. I don’t dress like a groovy chick very often, but I think I have to own up to being one inside. … Continue reading

Milkshakes and Daydreams

I’ve never been a worshiper of John Lennon. At the same time, I do hand it to the guy for (among other things, like, well, you know, some music and stuff) questioning the status quo and living according to what his own heart and mind told him.┬áSo as I slurped this homemade chocolate milkshake (rich … Continue reading