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Seeing Past the Pink Cowboy Hat

I think my fifteen minutes is over. Whew. My post has worked its way off the bottom of the Freshly Pressed page and things are starting to calm down into a manageable state again. That was quite a little ride, though! For a casual, personal little blog like mine, the pace got a bit crazier … Continue reading

Long and Winding

Today was completely free and easy, and yet I am so tuckered out from it that I’m in my jammies by 8 o’clock on a beautiful Saturday night. Woke up slowly and lingered a while. Enjoyed my coffee outside while the dogs played in the yard, then Brad and I decided we were ready to … Continue reading

Happy To Be Stuck With You

Today we spent an enjoyable afternoon at the 60th wedding anniversary party of a good friend’s parents. It occurred to me that the happy couple have been married ten times longer than we have. Obviously, congratulations are in order at that point. Also, the cake was moist and delicious. Long marriages like that are becoming … Continue reading