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…And What Do YOU Do?

Ok, everybody, I want you all to start referring to me as an abstract artist, because that’s what I am now. I figure if I can draw this: …and color it in like this: …then why not? Abstract art has no rules–well, maybe it does, but all I have to do is come up with … Continue reading

Attack of the Whatevers

It’s been a while since I’ve felt the urge to post. Been fighting a bout of apathy that has not been conducive to productivity. Still fighting it, as a matter of fact. I’m just not sure where to go with blogging. Have I lost interest in this one already? Should I come up with a … Continue reading

Getting Loco Up in Here

I won’t be passing along any recipes or putting forth any opinions today. I’m too busy with my “real” job. However, if it’s possible to be one wild and crazy medical transcriptionist, you can find me guilty as charged! Whoo-hooo!!! Remember that “exact words, Greg” Brady Bunch episode? Well, instead of the customary practice of … Continue reading