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What Are Your Pet Predicaments?

There are a lot of predicaments in life that I’ve avoided. You might call it being overly cautious; I prefer to call it simple mindfulness of consequences. True, it must be acknowledged that luck played a part sometimes. Even though I was always more careful than most, in my younger years I could have become … Continue reading

Five Random, Mildly Rebellious Acts

Just a few baby steps I’ve taken in the process of learning to live a self-directed life. 1. ¬†Using my dogs as the header image. I assume this is a not-so-pro move, sort of akin to typing a college essay in Comic Sans or still trying to sell whimsical mustache-themed items on Etsy. (Dammit, give … Continue reading

Dog Is My Copilot…I Love That Bumper Sticker

Dog Is My Copilot…I Love That Bumper Sticker

After several days of almost everybody I know being in some sort of funk or not feeling well (possibly something to do with the pull of that big “super moon” that just happened, or maybe just the wind that was blowing like crazy the past few days and ruining otherwise beautiful weather), today was one … Continue reading


Currently, EJ and I have retired to the interior of the beast (our “vintage” Chevy Tahoe), after several hours of sitting in the bleachers amongst fellow spectators at Brad’s men’s softball league opening night. I was actually doing fine, chit-chatting a little but mostly just enjoying the beautiful May evening. EJ, though, has been a … Continue reading