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Long and Winding

Today was completely free and easy, and yet I am so tuckered out from it that I’m in my jammies by 8 o’clock on a beautiful Saturday night. Woke up slowly and lingered a while. Enjoyed my coffee outside while the dogs played in the yard, then Brad and I decided we were ready to … Continue reading

Small Victories

I reeeally wanted pizza tonight, but since I knew way too many slices of it would end up in my gut, I made this bowl of pasta with asparagus, tomatoes, garlic and herbs instead, cleverly employing a few leftover packets of parmesan from our last pizza delivery because we seem to be out of the … Continue reading

Lipstick-On-a-Pig Pizza Night

Yesterday wasn’t a banner day on the healthy eating front. Too much was consumed, too little burned off…but it was lovely, kickback Sunday, and man, the doctored-up frozen pizzas we made for dinner were worthy of the excessive consumption. I highly recommend this method of pizza enjoyment! We took cheap frozen pies (cheese for me, … Continue reading