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Bed Made, Now Lying In It

Pardon my French, but as I gathered up my still-hot morning coffee and trudged angrily back into the house just a few minutes ago, this came spitting off of my tongue: “Fine, neighbors, I hope you come out for your f*cking morning bong rips and can’t take them in peace because my f*cking dogs are … Continue reading

The Midlife Reboot

I started out with what many said at the time was great promise. I excelled mainly in the more creative subjects, which everyone said figured because, like my artist/bookworm mother, I was left-handed. I taught myself to play the piano in my grandmother’s living room, where I hung around until my parents got home from … Continue reading

I Am So Going to Read That…Maybe

This is how technologically inept I am: I’ve been trying to upload a short video from my phone of this guy: and this gal: …roughhousing together in our living room, but I can’t get it to work for the life of me. It’s just absolutely adorable, too. At least to me it is. Probably to … Continue reading

On Being Yo’ Self

“Everybody’s gotta live Everybody’s gotta die Everybody’s got a right To feel good inside Everybody’s got a high Everybody’s got a low Everybody got to be yo’ self No matter where you go.” That’s Mr. Keb’ Mo’ pictured above with some of my best childhood friends, The Muppets. (One of life’s contradictions: being raised in … Continue reading