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Food Post! Food Post!

See? As previously mentioned, I’m enthusiastic right now. In this case, I’m enthusiastic about the kickass food I have prepared for myself today. Breakfast, meh. Your basic egg sandwich: egg, whole-wheat bread (toasted), and a shmear of cream cheese (in this case Tofutti). So what. But LUNCH! I made this collard green dish I found … Continue reading

Small Victories

I reeeally wanted pizza tonight, but since I knew way too many slices of it would end up in my gut, I made this bowl of pasta with asparagus, tomatoes, garlic and herbs instead, cleverly employing a few leftover packets of parmesan from our last pizza delivery because we seem to be out of the … Continue reading

Eat Yer Greens (With Lots of Hot Sauce)

Since this whole dietary experimentation kick has been happening, I’ve tried a lot of new stuff. I think almond is my favorite non-dairy milk so far, and I’m actually kind of in love with the soy creamer I’ve been having in my coffee (it says on the carton that it’s from non-genetically-modified soy, but I … Continue reading

Equal Time

Hey, I know I can be a little bit cynical and negative about how people act when they find out someone’s vegging it, but I just wanted to mention a nice experience today where I felt like nobody thought it was any big deal, including me. Brad and I had lunch at a sports bar … Continue reading

Wrestling With Principles: Not My Funniest Post

Yesterday I got some fresh eggs from my new egg connection! When I arrived at her place I saw probably the happiest bunch of chickens in the world. Instead of being trapped in filthy, dark stacks of stifling, tiny cages with only wires to stand on, with icky byproducts of other industrially-raised animals to eat, … Continue reading

I Ate This

Roasted diced sweet potato and red onion topped with a handful of black beans, green onion, jalapeno slices, and Daiya pepper jack “cheese” shreds, plus a dollop of light sour cream, which ruined the vegan-ness but sounded so good I added it anyway. Yummy dinner! I can’t believe it, but this fake cheese just might … Continue reading

When In Doubt, Make Soup

Makin’ another pot of soup, as is evident by the bloodshot, teary eyes I’m sporting above. Stupid onions get me every time, but I still love throwing them in a pot with some garlic and olive oil and then making things up as I go along. Especially on a day like today, which feels more … Continue reading

Kale Is the New Black

In my quest for healthy foods that rise above the level of “I don’t hate it,” I’ve been trying a lot of new stuff. I’ve noticed that recipes including kale are all over the place lately, but I had never tried the stuff until yesterday. Kale is supposedly a good plant source of calcium, so … Continue reading